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Montessori Curriculum for 6-9 year olds

In Ireland our classes in school are broken into Junior infants (4/5yr), Senior infants (5/6yrs),  First Class (6/7yrs), Second Class (7/8yrs), Third Class (8/9yrs), Fourth Class (9/10yrs), Fifth Class (10/11yrs), Sixth Class (11/12yrs)

In Montessori Primary Schools children in the 6-9 year age bracket, usually First to Third Class, are altogether in the same class but we as teachers need to prepare the environment for each ‘class’ within the group.  To do this an individual class plan for each class is required.  Individual Class Plans serve as a guide which will enable the teacher to provide opportunities for children to build on previous knowledge and prepare for future learning.

Individual Class Plans are available to download for Subscribers only


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