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The following are some helpful tips for setting up or taking over a Montessori setting. This is not a definitive guide as it is not specific to any one individual set up and each business model is unique, especially where previous ownership is involved.



Ask for all information, records, notes, files from previous owner that he/she is happy to share with you. Look for admission forms, Síolta and Aistear records, any allergies, special needs, parental concerns etc.


Ask about the previous fee structure, in as much as the previous owner feels comfortable providing you with same.   Are there any outstanding fees due? Also the current staff list, their details, Curriculum Vitaes, qualifications, Garda vetting forms, up-to-date First Aid Certificates etc.


Retain any good qualified, vetted existing staff whom parents and children trust and who can also fill you in on previous day to day running of the facility.


Look at the environment and equip the Montessori classroom to your own standards. Prepare to make any changes/upgrades well in advance of your reopening date.


Classroom layout, shelving, bathroom layout, may need to be looked at to ensure they comply with sq footage per child, numbers of toilets and sinks, or any other issues of  health and safety . Get current policy information from your County Childcare Committee and your Pre-school Inspector.


Look carefully at the Outdoor play area with regard to Health and Safety issues and upgrade if necessary. Check all doors, gates are secure.


Check fire safety doors and procedures.


Contact all parents on the roll and reassure them regarding the takeover.  Send out fliers to prospective parents and place them in your locality as adverts for your service.


On enrolling be prepared and make sure parents fill in all required forms and place these on file.


Ensure staff have required levels of qualification to comply with requirements for ECCE grant.  Check the age profile for attending children and that staff/child ratios comply.


Have an Open Day to meet existing parents/children and alsoprospective new parents/children with your existing and new staff in attendance.


Make sure your own specific child care/Montessori Insurance is in place and that there are no outstanding claims on a previous policy.


Set up your new phone/ electricity/gas accounts and make sure there are no outstanding bills from previous ownership. Check the Rates bill has been paid and when it is next due for review/payment.








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