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Teaching Library is a website which shares teaching ideas and lesson resources linked to children’s books and literature.

Children love the rhyme Itsy Bitsy Spider, it’s one they grow up with, their parents and grandparents recite it so why not make the most of it and create opportunities to use it in your setting.  Make puppets, magnets, or even an Itsy Bitsy Spider lunch!

Family Literacy Day website is a great resource and has lots to download for FREE


‘On my First Day’ a guide to starting school which was written and illustrated by children.


Twinkl have fantastic resources especially if you teach older children or tutor children who are reluctant readers


Poems and songs for senior infants in Irish


Spring songs and poems from Can Teach


A Picture Walk – Sometimes you don’t need to read a story you can tell what’s happening just by looking at the pictures


Being prepared and actually planning your story session can bring the whole story to life and allow you to structure other exercises to compliment the issues and ideas that crop up in the story.  Sarah Dean has kindly submitted her planning sheet for ‘Whatever Next!’ by Gill Murphy.  Sarah prepares a basket of props to use and to encourage the children to figure out what the story is about.  Click on the picture to access Sarah’s pdf.  As always these resources are for your own use and cannot be copied to your blog/website or Facebook page.  If you do use the resource please credit Sarah Dean


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