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Qualities of a Good Practitioner

  • Ability to observe and stand-back
  • Possesses humility and respect for the child knowing he/she can and does make mistakes and is not infallible.
  • Is confident in his/her environment, knows how to use the equipment and is constantly expanding his/her knowledge.
  • Is open to new ideas and information, has a wide range of interests & doesn’t let lack of experience hamper his/her abilities.
  • Is able to guide the child to the next stage of learning and is aware of the stages of development and special sensitivities within each stage.
  • Is child centred and has faith in the child’s ability to construct himself.
  • Has a good sense of order and knows how important consistency & order is, to the brain of the developing child.
  • Can create a warm welcoming environment which is conducive to learning.
  • Is tireless in offering a variety of exercises in creative ways to the child.

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