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For some Parents the first time they take notice of Montessori is when they are looking at child care options for their child. In common with many Early Years approaches, Montessori is child centred and as a consequence follows the child’s stages of development:

  • physical
  • intellectual
  • linguistic
  • emotional
  • social

So Why Choose Montessori?

The difference between Montessori and other approaches or methods is that Maria Montessori created didactic equipment which allows children to acquire, practise and refine their new skills. This didactic equipment engages the child and builds on what has already been experienced thus consolidating the new skill. Furthermore, Maria Montessori refined the equipment adding extra depth and complexity in order to challenge the child and help him discover for himself the knowledge we as adults already possess. By allowing the child to experience and systematically build on knowledge, each stage will build on the last stage thus reinforcing all which has gone before.

The child does all this work without knowing he is doing it. We cannot speed it up or slow it down but we can give him a plethory of experiences to aid him refine and develop his new skills. We cannot make a child walk until his body is ready to walk, just as we cannot make a child write until his hand is ready to hold a pencil. The child is the master of his own abilities and the Montessori environment seeks to assist the child by following his unique stages of development.

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