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Advisory Services

This service supports both existing and new Montessori Environments.  Advice can be given regarding procurement of Classroom Resources, Curriculum Development, Effective Record Keeping and the Layout of a Classroom.  Advice on Staff Selection and the criteria managers need to employ when selecting staff can be provided.  This service will also help the Early Years provider to explore other/further areas that could be considered to extend their service such as homework clubs for older child and specialized class for children such as dyslexia and dyscalculia workshops.

Classroom Layout

Young children are lively and like to move, spending time on the floor, sitting on a chair, standing at a table and in general using and exploring their space.  How the furniture and equipment is positioned within the learning environment will directly impact on how freely the child will be able to interact and learn from his/her environment. Too much open space can lead to children running and accidents, too little can lead to fighting and lack of interest, a happy medium would see sufficient space for each child and a layout which creates easy access to materials and exercises.

Procurement of suitable Classroom Resource

Setting up a classroom can be very costly and is an expensive investment.  To set up a full Montessori Classroom for 3 to 6 year olds could cost up to €10,000 depending on which manufacturer and supplier is chosen.  The leading supplier  of Montessori equipment is Nienhuis, a company based in Holland but with worldwide local distributors  and although beautiful their equipment is pricey.  Suppliers are sourcing Montessori materials from Asia as these are cheaper and thus more likely to be attractive to the cost conscious buyer. Whether you choose expensive or cheaper material is a personal choice, the cheaper material can chip easier than it’s more expensive counterpart, but if handled with care should survive for a year or two.  The advantage of buying cheaper equipment is that you can buy more and therefore have a more extensive classroom.  Montessori Alliance can work with the Early Years provider to assess the quantity & quality of materials needed within the classroom and advise on where best to purchase it from.

Construction and expansion of materials

Many Montessori materials  such as the pink, blue & green reading and writing material and the majority of the culture materials need to be hand made.  Montessori Alliance carries an extensive range of handmade language and culture materials.  Additionally, expansion packs for all areas of the Early Years Curriculum are available to enhance and expand existing materials.

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