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Montessori Alliance was established in 2010 to assist practitioners to give the children in their care the best service possible.  The reasons people decide to practice Montessori are numerous;  some from a desire to work with children, some from a growing awareness of the limitations in expectations imposed on children by adults and for others it can all boil down to economics.  Life doesn’t remain stagnant, it moves and shifts forcing us to constantly adapt and re-invent ourselves or get left behind.   Some Child Care workers started their professional life in a totally different direction as bankers, accountants and office workers, where the thought of working with children didn’t enter the equation.

The Practitioner

Many Child Care practitioners work for themselves and usually either have a small school or work within their own home. For some practitioners working with children can be lonely and isolating.  Running your own business can be great but having no adult company has it’s drawbacks.  The pressures of life can mean teachers have little opportunity to socialize with like minded people and end up shouldering all the responsibility while still being expected to be fresh and full of enthusiasm on a daily basis.  Similarly newly qualified teachers can find the first year of directing a class an eye opening and challenging experience.

Mission Statement

Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent or tutor; Montessori Alliance will provide a touchstone you can visit to enhance your delivery and offer the advice and encouragement we all need from time to time.  By providing a platform to encourage discussion and sharing of knowledge, Montessori Alliance hopes to unite and empower Childcare practitioners to have the courage to pursue their collective and individual aspirations thus strengthening and fortifying Early Years Care in Ireland.

If you would like more information about what we do or would like to enquire about our services, please send an email to  or telephone 353 41 9844745


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