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Higher Education Authority Graduate Outcomes Survey 2017

Posted by Administrator on February 20, 2019

This extract below is from the HEA Graduate Outcomes Survey Class of 2017. Section 9 contains a detailed study of education graduates: Early Years and Teacher Education.The full report can be found at the following link

Early Years and Teacher Education

There were a total of 1,183 graduates of early years programmes, and response rate of 46% to the survey.
• 69% were employed nine months after graduation while 27% were in further study. A further 2% were unemployed and 2% were engaged in other activities.
• For honours degree graduates in employment, a total of 95% of those who responded indicated that they were in employment in Ireland, with 5% overseas.
• The largest group of honours degree graduates were earning between €20,000 to €24,999. The second largest group were earning €15,000 to €19,999, followed by those earning less than €15,000. In this case, only 11% were earning in excess of €30,000 each year, when non-respondents were excluded’



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