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  • Major Development

    Posted by Administrator on August 27, 2019

    The joint statement from Association of Childhood Professionals, PLÉIreland & SIPTU Big Start regarding the very welcome news of the creation of a professional body for Early Childhood Education and Care in Ireland can be found here. A watershed moment for the profession!

    ‘Central to the development of a collective professional identity of the early childhood education and care profession is the existence of a self-organised body that serves as a focal point for the profession.’



    Notice for Subscribers to our Website

    Posted by Administrator on August 2, 2019

    We are in the process of discontinuing the subscription option on our website. Feedback received from clients suggested they would prefer to pay for individual products rather than pay an annual subscription, so that’s what we are doing.

    We are rejigging the website to make it easier for people to purchase products and place adverts. Rest assured that current subscribers will be able to access their account as normal until their present subscription runs out.


    Changes on the way

    Posted by Administrator on July 30, 2019

    The shocking and sickening behaviour which was shown by RTE Investigates: Creches – Behind Closed Doors has caused enormous upset within the Early Childhood sector not only in Ireland but also worldwide.  It is however important to acknowledge that this totally unprofessional, uncaring and frankly abusive behaviour is not commonplace. The vast majority of Childhood Professionals are just that; they are professionals, they choose to enter the profession not because of monetary rewards but because they are drawn to children. They ‘see’ children.  They ‘see’ children as autonomous individuals, citizens of the world, individuals who are following their own path in life, and they feel honoured to be part of their journey.

    The Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone has issued the following statement which you can read in full here

    The following is an abstract from the statement:

    “As Minister for Children my priority has, and will always be, putting the protection of the child first.  Parents should always feel confident in placing their children into a childcare facility registered with the State. It’s very important that parents understand that not every childcare facility in the country has issues like the ones shown last week. Most service providers work tirelessly to provide a great service and I commend those services.

    “However, I want to send a strong message to the tiny number that do not operate in the best interests of children – the regulator will not tolerate this, and I will not tolerate it.

    “I am determined to provide, where necessary and where legally possible, the authority to strengthen Tusla’s powers to ensure all early learning care providers deliver a high-quality, child-centred service.”

    Annual Leave

    Posted by Administrator on June 24, 2019


    Montessori Alliance will be closed for annual leave from the 24th of June until the 24th of July.  Subscribers can access their accounts as usual during this period.  People can still register and pay for a subscription to our website but it may take up to 48 hours to activate your account.  Emails and correspondence will be dealt with after the 24/7/2019






    Being Included in the Child’s Play – Admin #11

    Posted by Administrator on May 24, 2019

    Today was a very sunny day so we spent a lot of time making the most of it in the garden.  One of the children Kevin, for whom English is a second language tends not to speak unless he has to.  He likes to blow bubbles and today we had a different wand for blowing bubbles.  We played side by side, me with the small bubble wand and Kevin with the long bubble wand. Kevin enjoyed the challenge of making bubbles with the big bubble wand.  At times he asked me to hold the bubble solution container and I choose to regard this as his way of asking me to participate in his activity.  When the bubble solution ran low I asked Kevin if he wanted more to which he replied “yes”.  In hindsight I should have asked him an open question to encourage conversation, something like “what should we do?” or “how can we get more bubbles?” My life seems to be full of ‘if onlys’!

    At one point Kevin spotted a pair of pink princess sunglasses which were just out of his reach.  Kevin didn’t directly ask for them but he pointed to them and said “those”.  I asked him if he wanted the sunglasses and he said “yes”.  I got them and I said “thank you” as I gave them to him.  It may seem a little odd to say thank you when you’re giving something to someone but it was out of my mouth before I knew I had said it. A throwback to my days of trying to instill manners in my own children.  I think I said it to prompt Kevin to say it back to me or to alert him to the response he should give when someone gives him something.  If that was the case then I should have been clearer and said “when someone gives you something it’s nice to say ‘thank you’” and left the rest up to him (another ‘if only’).

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    Implementation Plan

    Posted by Administrator on May 23, 2019

    The Department of Children and Youth Affairs have released the implementation plan for First 5 which covers the first phase – 2019 to 2021. The press release is as follows:

    The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr. Katherine Zappone, has today unveiled the Government’s initial implementation plan for ‘First 5’, Ireland’s first ever strategy for early childhood.

    First 5 is a radical ten-year strategy that will deliver:

    1. A broader range of options for parents to balance working and caring
    2. A new model of parenting support
    3. New developments in child health, including a dedicated child health workforce
    4. Reform of the Early Learning and Care (ELC) system, including a new funding model
    5. A package of measures to tackle early childhood poverty

    The Implementation Plan describes the ambitious steps that will be taken in the initial implementation phase – from 2019 to 2021. Its development was led by an Inter-Departmental Group chaired by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

    Speaking about today’s publication, Minister Zappone said:

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    DCYA Early Years Newsletter March 2019

    Posted by Administrator on March 29, 2019

    The latest edition of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs Early Years Newsletter (March, 2019) can be found here




    National Childcare Scheme

    Posted by Administrator on March 11, 2019

    The new National Childcare Scheme for Ireland (NCS) is on its way. A new dedicated website for parents and providers was launched this afternoon. The website is being populated at the moment so keep checking back regularly.  The following press release is taken directly from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

    Monday 11th March 2019

    Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone, has today announced the launch of the National Childcare Scheme, the pathway to quality, accessible, affordable Early Learning and Care and School-Age Childcare in Ireland. Announcing the Scheme, Minister Zappone noted:
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    Playing Post Office

    Posted by Administrator on March 1, 2019

    Have a look at the downloads which are available from the An Post Schoolbag website. They’d be great props for role play and for Identity & Belonging/Communicating/Exploring and Thinking/Well-being and linking the community/world with the early years setting. 

    The downloads are FREE and should add another element to children’s role play



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    Sense of Order – Admin #10

    Posted by Administrator on February 27, 2019

    At lunch time, the children eat what they want from their lunch box, put their plate in the sink, get their outdoor gear on and head out to the garden.  Today Liam was the last to finish his lunch.  He was still holding his sandwich in his hand. While I tidied up and set the chairs out for circle time I asked him if he wanted to put his sandwich back in his lunch box and finish it at home. He said he wanted to “eat the bread” so I left him to eat it but he didn’t.  Instead he pottered around the shelves and at one point put one chair on top of another and sat on them.  My colleague talked to him and he insisted that he wanted to “eat the bread”.  Liam is normally one of the first to eat his lunch so we knew this behaviour was out of character but we couldn’t pin down the reason behind it.  When asked about his lunch he said repeatedly he wanted to eat it.  When my colleague put Liam’s sandwich in his lunch box and closed the lid Liam got very upset so my colleague took the lid off his lunch box and said of course he could eat it.

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