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Continuing Professional Development

Montessori Alliance offers a number of training solutions.  Courses can be structure to facilitate both qualified childcare professionals and those wishing to pursue a career in a Montessori setting.  As the Level 1, 2 and 3 Montessori Teacher training courses are modular based the childcare provider has the opportunity to train each staff member in one area of Montessori thereby allowing for specialization within their team.  Level 1 courses equip the Early Years practitioner to instruct children up to 6 years of age.  Level 2 courses allow the practitioner to gain the knowledge & skills required to instruct & tutor children from 6 to 9 years. The learning experiences of the child of 9 to 12 years is catered for in Level 3 courses.

In-service Training in the Montessori Method

Pink materialMontessori Alliance offers In-service Training programmes which build on the knowledge and experience Early Years practitioners already have. This type of training offers individual and setting specific modules which will help the Early Years practitioner to develop or attain a new skill in as many areas of Montessori as they wish. All areas of a Montessori curriculum are available both singularly, as stand alone modules, or as a complete package of 5 modules. As training is provided within the Early Years Setting, the need to travel for participants is minimal thus ensuring a high level of attendance. All materials are provided and participants receive comprehensive training manuals which will be an invaluable resource for their setting.

In-service Training Programmes include:

  • Practical Life, Level 1; Sensorial, Level 1; Mathematics, Level 1, 2 & 3;
  • Language, Level 1, 2 & 3; Culture, Level 1, 2 & 3

Information Workshops/Lectures

From time to time Practitioners and Course Co-ordinators require guest lectures to enthuse their staff or to bring a different perspective to their students.  Hands on workshops and demonstrations which are linked to the various areas of the Montessori Method allow the audience to EXPERIENCE Montessori in a sensorial way.  Learners get the chance to handle the materials, figure out what the various pieces are used for and see how each piece aids the child’s development.

Developing Parenting Skills

Parents are emotionally involved with their children and as a result they can often find they are having difficulties relating to their child objectively.  Unfortunately children do not come with a handbook and parents are left parenting by instinct. It can be hard to find a parenting style that fits both you and your child. As the child goes through his own stages of development, you as a parent establish your own parenting skills through trial & error.  Some things will work and everyone in the family is happy, and some will end in tears of frustration both for you and your child.  Montessori Alliance offers Parenting Skills Workshops  where you, the parent, will learn what style of parenting you use, how you parent and how you can make the changes that may be necessary for your parenting to result in happy rather than frustrating experiences.

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