1. PayPal will not open a PayPal account for you when you use your credit or debit card as a funding source for an electronic money payment with PayPal Account Optional. Your use of the PayPal system via PayPal Account Optional is a one-off transaction only. However, PayPal will retain the information you provide us in relation to your use of PayPal Account Optional in accordance with our Privacy Policy in order to (1) enable you to use PayPal Account Optional for further one-off transactions subject to paragraph 4, (2) to enable us to monitor the use of PayPal Account Optional for risk management purposes and (3) to make it easier for you to open a PayPal account in the future.
  2. PayPal may monitor the amount of payments you make using PayPal Account Optional and may at any time (at its sole discretion) require you to open a PayPal account to enable further use of the PayPal system. At that point you will be required to enter into our standard user agreement to govern the ongoing relationship with PayPal.