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A Growing Project – Mushrooms

Posted by Administrator on April 10, 2013

A growing kit for Mushrooms! It was too good to walk past so I turned and put the box in my trolley.  At €4.99 the price seemed reasonable, the instructions were clear and everything was contained in one box so it wouldn’t take up much room.  I like growing things and I especially like growing things with children.  The excitement as shoots begin to peep out from the soil, the first leaves, and then the first flowers, fruit or vegetable.  But growing mushrooms is different.  They’re grown in the dark and have to be kept in the dark.  There are no leaves, no flowers, in short nothing children generally equate with growing.  And that’s the important part of the whole process. 


Mushroom 1

mushroom 2

Fungi ARE different, they belong in a Kingdom all of their own. There are 5 Kingdoms: Plants, Animals, Fungi, Monerans (bacteria), and Protists (single-celled protozoa).  This growing kit alerts children to how different mushrooms are, and even though we call them a vegetable and they can be found in the vegetable aisle along with all the other plants we eat, they are in fact a fungus, something that doesn’t have chlorophyll and therefore doesn’t make it’s own food but instead feeds on the remains of dead plants and animals. Think of the questions this kit will provoke….a good return for a very small investment.


mushroom 3


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