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Art & Craft July Round Up

Posted by Administrator on August 19, 2012

The internet is a fabulous resource and one that we don’t use nearly enough.  Every month we compile a selection of articles and ideas posted by people on their blogs or website and published on Facebook.  We call it our Facebook Digest and include it as a section within our Newsletter.  Over the months we’ve tried various page layouts, and settled on breaking the section into strands or themes.  And although some of the themes change, the Arts & Crafts theme is a constant.  We’re of the opinion you can never have enough art & craft ideas!

We’ve been playing around with the layout again and have chosen to make the section more visual by including pictures of the craft or idea.  That way you can get a real idea of what’s behind the hyper-link before you click it.

All of the pictures we’ve used have come directly from the original blog or website the idea came from and we’ve hyper-linked the pictures back to the blog/website and given credit to the original creators.  If you use any of the ideas on your own blog/website or Facebook page please extend the same courtesy to the people who put so much time and effort in to their articles and ideas.



Need help executing a craft project, Simple Kids Crafts have loads of instructional videos for children that’ll get you all crafting.

What about adding different scents to increase the sensory experience from Lessons Learnt