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Summer Audit

Posted by Administrator on June 29, 2012

Summer is here and it’s time to audit your materials, throw out the unsalvageable, repair & create new learning opportunities.  Luckily there are many people in the same boat as you so inspirational ideas are plentiful.

Why not think of setting up an area where children can learn how to whittle using carrots as Learning for Life have done.  As the summer wanes and the plants start to produce seeds have envelopes ready to gather the seeds to create a seed book as PreKinders  have done . Lots of ideas from Quirky Momma for Language exercises. Or how about making homemade butter. Looking for pets for the classroom, how about a couple of worms, here’s why & how to create a wormery from Creative Star Learning.



Quirky Momma


John Bowman’s book, Montessori at Home, has plenty of exercises to keep you busy at the laminator, click here to see a sample.  Most children love baking, it’s relaxing, fun and they hopefully end up with something edible.  Age/Stage appropriate recipe cards will enable you to let go and let the children explore and try to make Banana Boats as Confessions of a Homeschooler have done or  simple flat bread.  Always on the look out for new ideas for Care of the Self  here’s a few from Living Montessori Now.


Red Ted Art


Flags of the World from Activity Village are a welcome addition to any Culture section. Geometric Solids 3 part Cards from Maybe Montessori extend the exercises available to use with this material.  Mini beasts  exploration packs from TES will have the children lifting rocks and peeking into nooks to see what they can find, you need to register with the site but it only takes a minute and is FREE.. Grass heads never go out of fashion here’s some by Red Ted Art. Pictures of children working as miners in the 1900s could be added to your history materials. Make your own touch and feel alphabet a great idea and another way for children to explore letters and sounds.


No Time For Flashcards


Why not use salt dough foot & hand prints at the start of the school year & again at the end so the children can appreciate how much they’ve grown. Studying fractions can be challenging so these fraction strips from Montessori Tidbits may help.  Enchanted Learning have some pictures of phonetic words you can colour, mount on card and use in your language materials. DIY sound boxes are an easy piece of material to make.  Making musical instruments with Childs Play Music is fun and the sounds created are surprising.

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